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Whether you want to generate leads or just raise awareness of your services, Evernine’s digital campaigns are quick & easy to launch and deliver results quickly. From account-based marketing campaigns to direct lead generation via LinkedIn, through HR or social media campaigns, almost anything is possible. With our campaign approach you can reach your services & performances in need of explanation in the desired target group on the web. We offer campaigns with a focus on DACH, but also an international playout for all relevant industries from B2B and B2C.


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In case of Account-based Marketing (ABM) define a list of companies you want to contact, or we can help you define your Buyer Persona.


  • At the beginning we define together with you the target groups and the actions that are suitable for you.
  • When addressing the target group, we differentiate whether they come from a technical background or are responsible for marketing/business in the company.
  • Then we develop a kind of storyline (Customer Journey), how we can win the target group for your campaign in the best possible way.


  • We first look at the extent to which the target group is already familiar with your company and recommend suitable actions (call-to-action) in the form of a white paper, a webinar or an information graphic.
  • Once the Customer Journey has been established, measured values can be jointly defined (KPI), which measure the success of the measures and finally determine the expected results.


  • With our online magazines we find the suitable environment for your topics and place articles & Landingpage. This is how we use the so-called “Halo Effect”, where we place your services in a neutral publishing environment without external advertising.
  • We deliver all assets that are needed for the campaign (e.g. contents, displays, teasers, CTA etc.).

Lean back – we will take care of everything!


From consulting to content creation and playout.
We show you what you need for your campaign.

You need these components
for your campaign

Landingpage (Setup)


Placement in one of our magazines

Campaign Management

Used channels & playout

Lead Nurturing


We create a landing page for your company in one of our neutral magazine environments. The graphic design of the landing page is created using a common branding from the components of the respective magazine and your corporate design. All campaign elements are provided by us and focus on the marketing of the respective Call-To-Action (CTA). As a CTA we usually use Whitepaper, but it can also be an event announcement or a webinar. By the way, all landing pages are highly agil & DSGVO-compliant. In addition, our tracking allows us to track the most important success values such as click numbers, dwell times & downloads exactly and, due to our agile approach, we have the possibility to adjust text & image elements or campaign components at any time & exchange them.

In case of ABM the landing page is much more personal with your target group. We will be happy to work out a customer journey for you that matches your target group.


As part of the landing page, we create an article that describes the added value of your campaign and publish it in a neutral environment in one of our online magazines. We can also create a second variant of the article, e.g. with a more technical orientation, in order to test which approach is best suited to reach your target group (A/B-Testing). The published articles link to the landing page and also serve as a collection of articles. This means that all readers of these articles are saved and can be addressed later in a further retargeting campaign.

The following magazines are ready for you

For the landing page environment and the placement of your content you can choose from
the following magazines for the most important topics in B2B:


Digitalization – Industries – Tech

[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_static_title=”yes” caption_static_title_position=”0″ caption_scrollable_content=”yes” caption_scrollbar_style=”cursor-hide” caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ caption_direction=”bottom_to_top” ihe_image=”8640″ ihe_heading=”MyBusinessFuture” caption_url_target=”https://mybusinessfuture.com/”]

MyBusinessFuture is an up-and-coming digital magazine for success stories, opinion pieces & valuable news for various industries. Among the core areas are: IT & Tech, Engineering & Industries including Automotive, Digital Business & Future Corporate & Finance, Retail & Consumer Goods, Life Sciences & Healthcare.



Managed Services – Cloud & Software – Industry 4.0

[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_static_title=”yes” caption_static_title_position=”0″ caption_scrollable_content=”yes” caption_scrollbar_style=”cursor-hide” caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ caption_direction=”bottom_to_top” ihe_image=”8642″ ihe_heading=”Cloudmagazin” caption_url_target=”https://www.cloudmagazin.com/”]

The publishing platform Cloudmagazin bridges the information gap between supply and demand: It opens up completely new possibilities for companies in the IT industry to publish their topics. At the same time, it generates transparency in the cloud market for business decision-makers and immediately delivers value in the form of relevant information, action and investment decisions.


Security Today

IT Security – GDPR –  Privacy Policy

[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_static_title=”yes” caption_static_title_position=”0″ caption_scrollable_content=”yes” caption_scrollbar_style=”cursor-hide” caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ caption_direction=”bottom_to_top” ihe_image=”8638″ ihe_heading=”Security Today” caption_url_target=”securitytoday.de”]

The magazine Security Today positions all decisive topics around corporate security & DSGVO. Challenges in data protection, but also IT security are described clearly and tangible solutions are presented. Security Today attaches particular importance to practical relevance, education & a large number of experts for topics in the SME environment.


Are you in the B2C?


Then take a look at IBS Publishing with the magazines InspiredBySports, youDRESSED & InspiredByBeatz on the topics Sports & Health, Fashion & Lifestyle and Music.


You can find out more here

The campaign setup is created.

So let’s take a look at the playoffs.

If you would like to see more practical examples, you will find an overview of possible campaign elements here.

Best Practice T-Systems

Marketing of SAP services from 2019 onwards with the aim of generating leads via account-based marketing.

T-Systems ContentT-Systems Landingpage

Best Practice Proservia

Awareness & lead generation to Proservia’s Workplace Services in autumn 2019 via Native Advertising & Social Media

Proservia ContentProservia Landingpage

Best Practice Avis / Budget

Digital extension of real world sponsoring with storytelling & content marketing campaigns for the Kitesurf World Cup.

Budget ContentBudget Landingpage


We play out all campaign assets (content & landing page) in a 360° model. This means that we advertise your content via different channels in order to achieve the defined goals (awareness and/or leads) in the best possible way. Our promising approach is a mix of social media via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & XING, Native Advertising (reading recommendations on major online magazines) via plista & Outbrain as well as Performance Marketing with SEO-, SEA- & Display campaigns. Thanks to the large selection of tools, targeted A/B testing is possible to determine the most effective measures.

In case of ABM we focus specifically on the channels with which we can ideally address your desired target group & circle them further and further through supplementary measures.

Our added value



Enormous awareness effects of the campaign, as > 1.000.000 impressions via Omni-Channel



Great trust building effect, through several thousand readers on the article



Using A/B testing to find out how the target group “ticks”



We have experience in all major industries and can deliver KPIs on the results in advance of your campaign.



Through daily monitoring, use of the most efficient channel and parallel optimization of all played out assets.



The created setup can be reused & the campaign can be extended and expanded at any time.


For the playout of the campaign setup we work with the following channels, among others:

Lead Nurturing

The processing of the contacts received for you takes place via our contact form. The data protection declarations are prepared accordingly and can be adapted to our cooperation. We can also take over the lead-nurturing for you and support your marketing & sales team with automated mailings, in the area of social selling and for a personal follow-up. The leads can be handed over continuously.


Optionally we can also connect your CRM via an interface so that the leads run directly into your systems.

Possible results

In the case of an example customer, the results were as follows:

Hard KPI

Target group: IT decision makers

Campaign period: 8-10 weeks

Soft KPI




SQL - declared ready by Sales


MQL - demonstrable interest in the company

Soft KPI

2 Mio


3 Min

Time spent on the landing page

3,5 %

CTR from contribution to landing page

We hope that you have a good overview –
we are gladly available for a personal first interview.

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Eva Mickler

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Head of Campaigns

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